Shop with a Purpose for Clothes that Make a Change

We’re so excited to launch this brand and with the same passion we have for quality clothing that looks good while feeling good, we are just as passionate about helping others in need… It’s still mind blowing to see how many people in this world wake up everyday without clean water, food to eat or even a bed to sleep in. These are some of the most basic necessities of life – food, water and sleep – it shouldn’t be that hard, right? But for some reason, too many (way too many) people exist without these.

We at Southern Seam strive to change that, hence the caterpillar logo. See, much like the caterpillar that changes into a bright, colorful, life-giving butterfly, we also want to bring change to those where life doesn’t seem so grand. And that’s why for every item that you purchase, somebody in need will receive wells with clean drinking water (, or a hungry family will be fed ( or an individual will experience what it’s like to sleep in a bed for the first time ( Oh, and we want YOU to be a part of that story and choose where your support goes. Simply click on one of the three options next to your shirt size and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that simple, but that impactful. So, thanks again for your partnership and we look forward to seeing you on the journey!